Harlem World Palm: Wait, There’s More

Small Biz Owners, the holidays are quickly approaching and you’re feeling like you’re not as organize as you would like to be in your Biz. Perhaps you have goals and aspirations for your Small Biz you would like to accomplish before the next year rolls in. Well, it can all become a reality for you with a little help!

Check out this Blog and let’s move forward before it’s too late!

Harlem World Palm

My name is Angela and I am the President/CEO and Founder of Harlem World Palm.  I partner with Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Online Business Managers and Non-Profit Organizations to help grow their business.  I provide freelance Administrative Support to free up your time and relieve you from being inundated with paperwork, invoicing, follow up, scheduling, etc.  I also create organized systems to help you retrieve information quickly and efficiently.  I provide social media marketing services to increase the visibility of your brand to the world which involves creating social media accounts and producing eye-catching graphics to accompany great content.  I’m qualified to “Simplify Your Life” due to my experience, skills and education.  I have 10+ years of experience supporting Senior-Level Executives from Wall Street, Corporate Headquarters of major Financial Institutions in the Central Florida area and Non-Profit Organizations in South Florida.  My proficiency in Microsoft Office and various Social Media Platforms and my education…

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